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Birkenstocks and Ultra Splits with Pink Stitch

When we’re talking ultra splits at the edge of decency (Pink Stitch, you kill me!), one does have to fight the urge to go all Lara Croft or Jessica Rabbit on everyone’s asses. Killer heels would have made much more sense than Birkenstocks, but making sense is so played.

Not wearing ripped jeans for once? Outrageous. I guess spring is making me feel inclined towards dresses once again. However, I’m still sticking to my principles – straight lines, simple cuts. Pink Stich it all over that with their Summer 2014 collection. Sexy maxi’s and cool playsuits. It’s the kind of feminine with a mean streak that appeals to this shameless tomboy. And might I add, that every piece would go perfectly with Birkenstocks. Speaking of which, I might fess up now, that these are not in fact genuine Birkenstock Arizonas, but a lookalike from K-mart, costing only $10. Such a good deal, I bought three pairs.

white-birkenstocks-maxi-dress-high-split-streetstyle white-birkenstocks-maxi-dress-high-split-streetstylewhite-birkenstocks-maxi-dress-high-split-streetstyle white-birkenstocks-maxi-dress-high-split-streetstyle white-birkenstocks-maxi-dress-high-split-streetstylewhite-birkenstocks-maxi-dress-high-split-streetstylePhotography by Heather Lansdowne (Heat Storm Blog)

Split Maxi Dress c/o Pink Stitch (shop Pink Stitch at Eclectic Edition)
Birkenstock Arizona lookalikes – K-Mart
Classic Sheffield Lady Watch c/o Daniel Wellington