How to slay the off-duty look


How to slay the off-duty look

For those who are hearing about Superdry for the first time, you are forgiven for assuming, as I once did, that the brand is a Japanese import. In fact, Superdry is British owned and American vintage styling inspired, and its ties to Japan go as far as its incorporation of Japanese typography in its designs, which, being the result of deliberate machine translations, is proudly conceded by the brand as actually making no sense. Even the ostensible Japanese translation of ‘極度乾燥(しなさい)’ (kyokudo kanso (shinasai)), with the literal meaning of ‘Extreme Dryness (do it)’, would, in its abrupt nonsensicalness, dumbfound the Japanese.

Despite occasional digs at the brand by Japanese speakers, a look a little further reveals Superdry’s rather intellectual ribbing of the very practice of cultural appropriation. In this multi-layered send-up, no one is spared: the Japanese speaking observer, who would surely love to throw a stone or two, but is reminded of their residence in a glass house of the disastrously hilarious uses of ‘Engrish’; the western consumer, that sports the random Asian tattoo, buys into intermittently en vogue Asian interior decor, and purchases printed tees with little interest in their message; and finally, the brand itself, for its self deprecating design process of creating prints from machine translated Japanese, mirroring the very analogous practice of our Eastern counterparts. For me, this is all reason for my love of the brand to deepen a shade.

But, wait, she does eventually get the point.

Superdry’s high quality ‘real’ denim, and vintage inspired staples is all about off-duty dressing and that weekend existence. So I’ve put together a few tips on styling off-duty looks that will take you on all your weekend adventures in style. The strategy is to start with some perfect staples as a base, and then adding the ‘elevator’ to pull the look together. As we are talking off-duty looks, it’s all about comfort and practicality, so bring on the denim and leave those stiletto heels at home.


Off-Duty Look 1: Double Denim

The base:

The elevator:

Double denim – just pulling on some comfy boyfriend jeans is obvious, but layering on your denim is so deliberately casual it becomes a statement. Keep your denim pieces in the same colour and wash to maximise the effect. Being mindful of proportions in this ultra-relaxed look, my fitted tee and lightweight accessories help balance out the loose fit of the denim jacket and boyfriend jeans.


Off-Duty Look 2: Sleek biker

The base:

The elevator:

Sharp accessories – Setting the edgy biker vibe with a sleek figure hugging high waisted black jean, I’ve follow through with edgy accessories, tough leather and glossy hardware. Adding a bold belt buckle to a high waisted jean is always my go to, to further accentuate those curves. Throw on a leather biker jacket and pointed boots to complete the look.

superdry-high-waisted-skinny-jeans-double-jacket-layer-outfit-inspiration-9-copy superdry-high-waisted-skinny-jeans-double-jacket-layer-outfit-inspiration-13-copy superdry-high-waisted-skinny-jeans-double-jacket-layer-outfit-inspiration-15-copysuperdry-high-waisted-skinny-jeans-double-jacket-layer-outfit-inspiration-10-copy

Supderdry’s first Perth store opens on Hay Street Mall, Perth 3 November. Check out their website and follow their Instagram for more information.

Location:Perth, Australia | Photography: Self-Portrait

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  • Audrey O.
    2 November 2016 at 5:27 pm

  • Kirstie
    7 November 2016 at 2:21 am

    You took these photos yourself? Impressive!

  • April Nunez
    22 November 2016 at 8:53 pm

    Wow! Such a great post, love your photos! Have fun a week!

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