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How to Pack for comfort and style

How to pack for comfort and style-coverThe fundamentals to packing for comfort and style

At five mile altitude, en route to the next destination popping champagne, living the life – and with the wardrobe to suit.

Packing for comfort and style is fundamental to a successful business trip, a cheeky weekend rendezvous or the coveted annual vacay. By mastering an expertly curated travel capsule wardrobe – with a discerning selection of materials and a colour palette which transcends continents, a traveller becomes a jet setter – or international trendsetter, weather permitting.

The flights are business, the hotel is five-star and the transfers are Lexus – combine with travel-safe materials, a palette recognised and appreciated across continents and trans-national key pieces for stylish jet-setting comfort. Space is never a luxury when travelling so selecting the perfect pieces to fill a suitcase is paramount. Keep things minimal, effortless and simple for a hassle free experience. All the while looking fabulous.

Here’s how.

1Familiarise with the destination

A crucial first step in packing the ultimate comfortable yet stylish suitcase-wardrobe is knowing the destination. Whether one is headed to the other side of the world or to that winery in the mountains, nothing ruins the thrill of specially purchased holiday cashmere like a heat wave. A similar level of remote reconnaissance on climate, culture and the season’s runway trends, will also work in ones favour.

2Travel ready fabric

Pure wool takes any outfit across continents and between climates, remaining warm in winter and cool in summer. Wool pieces retain warm air and keep moisture out, so are suited to most climates and layer like a dream. Wool will not crease either so is wearable straight from a suitcase.

The beauty of a simple cotton blouse, dress or overcoat is in its capability of adopting international, or even interstate, influences. The material takes on other textures and fabrics like any good blank canvas should. A trip is never complete without a spot of cultural indulgence -commonly known as shopping. Pair with the simplicity of neutral cotton pieces and fit new found holiday finds directly with an existing wardrobe.

3A neutral colour palette

A dark colour scheme is a lifesaver on long haul flights or lengthy car trips. Black, navy and charcoal pieces are versatile, simple to style and still look fresh after twelve hours. Nothing says European winter like a classic navy double-breasted coat while complimentary shades of charcoal can take the same coat through a Dubai stop over and back through Australian customs. Fortunately Qantas has extra-large over-heard baggage compartments.

Neutrals, weather light greys, creams, or even faint pastels, when styled well, are the basis of an international wardrobe. There will never be an industry, a continent of trendsetters or a culture which will not appreciate the simplicity and effortless façade of neutrals. A classic cream trouser with a relaxed grey merle sweater can transform from car, to airport lounge to street style. Neutrals are versatile, convenient and sure of winning over any industry – Paris or Sydney.

4The essentials

Developing a capsule collection of the key essentials which will never go out of style is important for every wardrobe, but a mini travel capsule collection for go-to packing is essential. Tried and tested, comfortable and trusted pieces make the basis of packing for guaranteed comfort and style. Comfort will always begin with confidence.

A classic blazer, versatile trousers, a crisp blouse and a collection of relaxed knits – basic on their own but they come alive when interchanged with complimentary pieces. The mix-and-match philosophy works wanders when travelling and packing for comfort and assured style, leaving extra suitcase space for holiday purchases.

Over night or for two months, packing for a trip demands attention to versatility in comfort and style. An art fashion conscious trendsetters have created, established and continue to develop. Just add character.

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    1 March 2016 at 8:55 pm

    Great guide – totally agree with everything!
    x. Mirjam

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